Airplane Estrogen

Oct 22, 2017

Those jet streams... a million pounds of estrogen. It's the only possible explanation. They rain it down onto the public (US) to control us. It's in the water. It's in the air. I feel it in my body and you know too. Estrogen makes us more emotional and when we're more emotional we give in the the drama of the news media and are more easily controlled. All the hype and the dramatic stories that divide us and plot us against each other instead of the real problem: Government Airplane Estrogen Drops. How can one government drop that much estrogen?? Where do they even get it?? Answer: frogs. Little known fact: frogs have estrogen in them. They take the frogs and milk for estrogen and then pump it into the airplane. The pilots aren't in on it. They think they're pressing the airplane afterburner button. They're pressing the "Drop Wide Load of Estrogen" button. And boom! Estrogen everywhere. All over our bodies. Humidity?? You thought it was the weather. Estrogen. Clouds of it. They put so much out into the air it makes it humid. They got power hungry and pumped too much. Now we see humid days because of it. How can you fight back against it you ask? Testosterone. Takes added doses of testosterone every meal and twice before bed to balance everything out. Soon you'll see things clearer. If it's humid outside. STAY INSIDE. You can't risk it. Even once your body adjusts to the 8 times natural testosterone pumping through it. STAY SAFE. BE WARY. RESIST.

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